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I can feel it coming in the air tonight...

So I'm finally watching A2A 2.02, and... there's this bit where Alex is crowding in close and saying 'do it for me, trust me', and Gene's staring at her lips, then back into her eyes and I had a total giggle fit because Phil would totally have played it that way had it been John as Sam as well. But this time, it was obviously intended as a romantic scene, whereas with Sam it would have been merely interpreted as one. That was a happy thought.

Also; I knew Matthew could still write. "I didn't tell you to come." "I'm a modern woman, Guv, I can come when I need to." That is such a winner of a line.

Mostly, just as with the last, this episode is playing very similarly to an episode of Life on Mars, except it's not all shown from Alex's point of view. But it's still lacking a certain amount of restraint, and I'm wondering if there were people on the LoM production team who held tight on the reins to give it that sense of softly, softly; or whether it's just the 70s to 80s conversion in play again. Everything is louder and more obvious because, hello, 80s!

And now this is me laughing uproariously at additional Phil Collins. Way to ruin an excellent, understated scene, music guys. (Also? Phil's hands are so elegant, nnngggh. More hand porn, please.)

Yeah, I knew it. I knew that earlier mention was a 'Tiler', not a 'Tyler'. Matthew's a cruel-hearted bastard when he wants to be. I do still love him madly.

"You're playing with them." "No, that's just the way I'm standing." Another winning line. And thank fuck Gene's taking a bit of nish and keeping his enemies closer, because I'd hoped that's what it was; was pretty sure given what I know of Gene, but, you know, rug pulling and all that.

And now we have "metaphors, all over the shop." I honestly feel like I am watching a genderswitch version of LoM. On the one hand; it's kind of neat. On the other hand; it's kind of incredibly weird.

And now I feel like I'm watching a genderswitch LoM slashfic \o/.

This series is about ten times better than last series. Let's hope they don't balls it up. Interestingly, Ray's been a casualty of this, because he's regressed horribly. I hate Ray again. I really didn't want to, because I adore Dean.

HAHAHAHA. HIGHLY UNREALISTIC PREGNANCY SCENE FOR THE COMEDIC WIN. Oh man. It's so bad and yet so very good. Plus, we get to see Gene holding a baby. That's sweet.

Well, there's a contrast. I doubt Sam would have been all "yay, you shoved a man's head down a urinal. I kind of adore you right now." Well. He may have been, but he wouldn't have admitted it.

OH MY GOD. GLEE. GLEE. GLEE! Christopher/Shaz! ! ! This makes me so happy.

Hang on. Is this Sam and Annie's theme? IT IS. THIS IS SAM AND ANNIE'S THEME. Ed Butt? That's just cheating.

The theme of Alex forgetting? That is interesting. That, in fact, is awesome. If they keep that up, this show will actually attain levels of brilliance. Although I wouldn't have thought 'ETA' was that modern an acronym? They didn't used to use it in train stations all the time?

All in all; another actually very solid, pretty great episode of A2A in comparison with the first series. Some fantastic dialogue, some interesting developments, and sexy, sexy LoM-style-Gene, a Gene I can love again.

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