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If you thought it was appropriate to put me in charge...

The next video I share from Keating! the musical is my second most favourite song. It's something I have been singing all week, and it's got its claws out.

John Howard was very much into the concept of mates will be mates, and fair dinkum, and true blue, and Australian patriotism. I am not overly patriotic, I think it would be fair to say. Not for Britain, not for Australia --- to be honest, intense patriotism worries me. When Howard was leading up to the 1996 election, he had various personas that he attempted to portray; ones that showed that he was a Good Aussie Bloke.

And so we have 'Mateship'.

This is Terry Serio as John Howard, and he has so many of the physical aspects of Howard down, it's unnerving.

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