Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Spreading joy by means of a microphone...

I bring you some of my favourite Tripod videos from youtube. Tripod are an Australian musical comedy act. They have the voices of angels, like to use satire and irony, and are known for their somewhat dark senses of humour. Also, Scod and Gatesy seem to ship themselves. Yes, really. Meanwhile, Yon isn't afraid to mock his appearance, and yet can make you melt with his harmony and solo work.

They have humble yet hilarious beginnings; pretty much launching their Nation-wide career on a talent segment of 'Hey Hey It's Saturday'.

Their stuff is really very musical on top of being funny. They sing and play beautifully.

They love playing with language.

And they do sing about issues. They just choose to be thoroughly silly with it.

Occasionally, they play it straight. I love this arrangement so very much. I've shared this before, if it's giving you déja vu.

Finally, their love for each other is truly inspiring.

Tags: music, tripod

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