Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Sweet Charity (bom bom bom)...

I'm offering myself up at Sweet Charity.

I am offering 3 pieces of fiction of a minimum of 1000 words in Life on Mars (UK), Wire in the Blood (tv show and early book canon), Psych, Spaced, Veronica Mars, Hot Fuzz, and/or Jonathan Creek.

For 'Life on Mars' I am happy to write a wide range of stories. Gen, slash, het, with any non-incestuous pairing. I like writing case!fic, romance, humour, dark fic, and 'parallel realities' (where an element in canon has shifted), but I am not really into radical AU where Sam is an electric ant and Gene the electric grasshopper. I like writing smut, especially of the PWP variety, but I'm quite vanilla; handcuffs and dirty talk are about as kinky as I'll go.

For 'Wire in the Blood', I'm prepared to go kinkier. I like exploring the dark aspects of the psychology behind Tony's profiling. I've read 2 of Val McDermid's novels ("The Mermaid's Singing" and "The Torment of Others") and I'm part way through "The Last Temptation"; so I am happy to set a fic within those novels. In regards to TV show canon, I prefer to concentrate on Tony/Carol as opposed to Tony/Alex. I love writing casefic, or fics that have cases as a secondary focus. I'd prefer not to write PWP for this fandom.

For 'Psych', I'm up for writing gen, Shawn/Lassiter, Shawn/Gus, Shawn/Juliet, Shawn/Lassiter/Gus, or Lassiter/Juliet. I like writing happy, fluffy Psych fic with lots of referential humour and silliness. Once again, I'm all for smut, but more vanilla flavoured than not. PWP no problem, but casefic would also be awesome.

For Spaced, I'm happy to write gen or Tim/Daisy of a happy nature. Not up for smut or PWP with this fandom.

In Veronica Mars, I can do gen or Logan/Weevil. Can write PWP or casefic, happy father & daughter bonding fic or Wallace-centric character fic.

In Hot Fuzz I can write happy gen or Nicholas/Danny of a plotty nature. If I do Hot Fuzz angst it's likely to be mildly angsty and surrounding Nicholas' sense of isolation as opposed to character death and broken limbs.

For Jonathan Creek I can write gen or Jonathan/Maddy, Jonathan/Adam. I can do casefic, romance and/or humour.


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