Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

When you're weary, down and out...

As stolen from buzzylittleb "describe your work* as if it was a madly harlequinesque book blurb".

After having been hurt too many times, Laura had spent most her early adulthood in wilful isolation. It was only fitting that she should decide to teach in a remote town in the outback of Australia. She was prepared for the rugged terrain and harsh conditions, red-dust land and scorching heat, but nothing could prepare her for the sense of community that would surround her. Could Laura learn to connect with others again? Could she learn to accept herself? And when she has the chance to go back to city-life, will she take it?

In other news, why didn't anyone warn me about Armstrong and Miller's "Nude Practice"? It's certainly showed me that I am just as prudish as I always used to be, despite the intervening years of slashsmut writing. Avert your eyes! Avert!

ETA: I took this literally, but it could also mean your fiction. Heh.

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