Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Truer Lies...


I really hadn't been loving this episode until Shawn and Henry's chat and Shawn got all real. I love it when Shawn gets real. Roday plays those moments so perfectly. Also, Henry and Shawn father-son bonding. LOVE.

And then there's the weird tie moment between Shawn and Lassiter, which, haha, Omundson has the best expressions and mannerisms. They smile at each other whilst exchanging witty insults. I pretty much adore that their banter is now more often a two-way 'antagonise and amuse each other' street as opposed to Shawn scoring points off Lassiter or him simply shutting Shawn down.

Wow. Massively gratuitous car chase, without an actual chase going on. This is actually why I didn't like the first part of the episode; all the jokes felt way forced. And yeah, I know this is Psych, but it's still OTT. (Also, undeniably cool. What can I say? I'm a fan of car chases, even when they're unnecessary.)


OMG. ANOTHER CONTINUITY LINE. Hee! Kind of loving the totally sneaky thing they've been doing since they came back. \o/ Continuity!

I also kind of love that they constantly strive to make Omundson happy with Lassiter pulling his gun. He looks so hot.

All in all, much as I love Jonathan Silverman (and really did see the parallels between Ryan and Shawn, and appreciated them), I felt like this episode was an opportunity squandered, and had already been done better in due South. Plus, I'm shallow, and there wasn't enough implied man-on-man action. As if you wouldn't've had a joke about Ryan being Shawn's clone and the narcisstic idea of him being oddly transfixed by that, with Gus being all disapprovey and Lassiter going 'ew'.

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