Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

It's too darn hot...

Okay, so, the clip for the next episode is awesome, because it's Roday doing his high Juliet voice from ep 1.02 and it is hilarious. (Roday claims he talked like that until he was 12. I really want that to be true.) Plus, Jonathan Silverman, who I totally loved when I was 12, is in the next episode. And the plot is reminiscent of due South.

And, and, and Lassiter's latest blog is kind of totally amazing. He's beginning to learn the value of friends. With the implication that whilst his reputation is important, it isn't the be-all and end-all, and who might be a potential friend who is damaging to Lassiter's reputation? Ahuh.

Dude, if I didn't know the network would never let it happen, I'd totally assume they were building us up for the show ending on Shawn and Lassiter riding into the sunset together. Tru fax.

Also, the icon for this post was made by me, and actually says 'made in heaven', but I just realised it looks awfully like it says 'made in beaver' and THAT IS TOO HILARIOUS, I CANNOT CHANGE IT.

Tags: psych

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