Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

You know, just when I think I couldn't love Psych more, they reference The Mentalist in next week's episode.



A winner is them.

Also, this week's episode was heavy on the innuendo with both Shawn/Lassiter and Shawn/Gus, which is just how I like it. When Lassiter used Shawn as a prop, and Shawn looked all resigned, because he is so used to it? It reminded me of the first moment I thought of Sam and Gene in that way. (Hands on shoulders, kick to the back of the knees.) And I totally squeaked. That was as deliberate as the pole and CPR comments, and I refuse to say otherwise. I'm sort of adoring all the fan-servicing going on this season.

Meanwhile, I am back in my teaching community and devoid of a foolieonthehill. This is my sadface. I have a few more pictures to share, and some not awesome news regarding my job, but that can wait.
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