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This is my "Peter Morton is a useless jerk" post...

Peter Morton is a useless jerk. He's supposed to be my supervisor - not only has he been COMPLETELY USELESS, (seriously - he hasn't even asked me how I was getting along or recommended books or ANYTHING), he's also going off to England next semester - and instead of discussing it with me - or talking with the Honours Convenor - or at least hinting earlier on that I may have to do something - in replying to my email he just said "I think the form is for you to apply for a temporary supervisor"... WHAT THE FUCK? Why tell me this this late? YOU WANKY SON OF A....

For god's sake - I know I am mostly to blame - but he is partly to blame too. What sort of Supervisor doesn't chase up the student they're supposed to be supervising who hasn't contacted them for the first half of semester (if you remember I thought he would only be available next semester), and THEN doesn't give any useful planning strategy, or texts to search out, and THEN doesn't even help arrange a substitute when they go? I am really not inclined to put this bastard on my acknowledgements page.
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