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Stories written by me...

yuletide authors have been revealed, so I can safely say I wrote Best Served Cold [Wire in the Blood, Carol/Tony, NC-17 for graphic violence and allusions to non-consent, 5831 words.] It has a plot! It has (possibly/maybe R as opposed to U)ST. I wrote it over four days and was tearing my hair out at some points, and cursing unspecific deities. My parents were amazingly supportive. I was really happy with how it turned out. Plot is almost never my strong point, and whenever I manage to achieve one, I feel a swell of pride. Plus, Tony and Carol; I kind of love them.

I also wrote the abyss gazes also into you [Being Human, George/Mitchell preslash/UST, PG, 2567 words.] It was only ever meant to be a little treat, but kept growing and growing. I want to edit it so very badly, and I think I will come February. I hate the last line, for instance. Stupidly, I was finishing it at, like, three in the morning, and wanted to get it posted, dammit! This? Is never a good idea.

Exposed with a Capital E! [Psych, Shawn/Lassiter, PG-13, 1325 words.] Yeah. This is me bringing the crack to Shawn/Lassiter again. Oh, man. I don't know why I have Shawn having a pre-occupation with nudity and Lassiter, but in my defense, it's meant to be tongue-in-cheek over-the-top hilarity. Hence; Lassiter's buff and toned and tanned. We've all seen the Omundson stripping to super freak, and whilst he's a hot cat, he's not that.

Nothing You Can Know that Isn't Known [Psych, Shawn/Gus from Henry's perspective, PG-13, 1048 words.] I have this thing where I love Henry, and sometimes I think he's a great father to Shawn, and other times I think he sucks immensely. So this was about me using one of those moments where I thought he sucked ("Psy vs Psy" --- the "why don't you just quit? I accept you as a quitter" speech), and turned it on its head. Plus, I can totally see Henry's reaction to Shawn/Gus being, "so? as long as you get a room, I don't mind. And by 'a room', I mean 'any room I'm absolutely nowhere near', Shawn."

Hearts Are Won, Empires Fall [Psych, Shawn/Gus, PG, 958 words.] Shawn and his emotional fuckwittery, couched within bouncy, fluffy fun! Shawn's so scared of genuine human emotion. He runs away from it as often as he can. It makes him uncomfortable. He makes jokes about emotion to deny its inherent truth. But he does love Gus. To the power of googolplex and one! And even though he can sometimes be inconsiderate and selfish, I do think he shows Gus this.
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