Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Baby, it ain't over , til it's over...

Oh, man. Chuck is such goofy fun.

I'm sorry, but, Casey has perfect pitch? HILARIOUS. Choir boy? EVEN MORE HILARIOUS. And his response? "What? I wasn't hatched." TRIPLE THE HILARITY.

I am still really missing the Chuck and Morgan show. The thing I loved from the first series was how so much of it was about Chuck and Morgan's bromance. I hope we get back to their man-love, because, clearly, Morgan's still in it for the longhaul. We need an episode where Chuck falls on his sword to save Morgan, for real.

Chuck and Casey's man love is still brilliant, because, seriously, heeeeeeee. Casey looks so hot in this episode.

So. It's about this time (29 minutes in) that I'm not trusting Jill at all.


40 minutes in --- yeah. Knew it was too good to be true. Poor Chuck.

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