Loz (lozenger8) wrote,


Title: Tmesis
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2080 words.
Notes: Sam/Annie/Gene PWP.
Summary: She told herself it wasn't petty jealousy if she had good reason to be jealous, but she couldn't help but feel weak that she allowed herself to be wary of their closeness.

Tmesis - the insertion of a word or phrase into another word; abso-freaking-lutely, lah-di-bloody-dah.

"Eventually, Georgie saw the light and blew the match out, thereby saving the ship and all who stood on it from wetting their arses unnecessarily," Gene concluded, slung back in his chair with casual elegance.

"And did you help him out with that conclusion?" Sam enquired, his eyes crinkled at the corners.

"I may have had a hand in his epiphany, yeah."

"Hope you washed it thoroughly after."

There was a laugh from those at the table, including Annie, and Sam stood up to get the next round, his eyes still firmly fixed on Gene as he began another anecdote. When they were like this, Annie felt like she didn't really exist; which she realised dovetailed quite neatly into what Sam used to say to her. She told herself it wasn't petty jealousy if she had good reason to be jealous, but she couldn't help but feel weak that she allowed herself to be wary of their closeness. Sam cared for her, she knew that, but she equally knew Sam cared deeply for Gene, and sometimes she felt sure she wasn't a match for the man who commanded the whole of CID and half of Manchester besides.

"You feeling alright?" Sam asked as he sat back down with copious amounts of beer. His gaze was warm and affectionate. Annie stopped playing with the hem of her dress and gave Sam a smile she could tell didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Yeah, bit headachey, that's all."

"I'll drive you homel be your own personal taxi driver in your own personal vehicle."

"I was gonna catch a bus. My car's being looked at by a mechanic, something to do with the starter motor."

"That's alright, Gene'll let me borrow the Cortina, won't you Gene?"

"You? Borrow my Cortina? I wouldn't let you drive my Cortina if my dick were on fire and the nearest source of water was in Oldham," Gene retorted. He took a swig of beer. "I'll drive."

Sam raised an accusatory eyebrow. "How much have you had to drink?"

"A mouthful more than you."

"And the flasks. And the whiskey chaser. And the wine with lunch."

"You forget, my dearest Samuel, I can not only hold my liquor, I can carry it over great expanses of land, up hills, and against gales."

Sam rolled his eyes at this, but he barely concealed a smile.

Annie watched them and continued to feel like her brain would burst. She stood. "It's fine. I can make my own way, really. See you tomorrow."

Sam shook his head and Gene stretched his hand out. "No, love, if you're feeling poorly, we'll drive you. Me at the wheel and Mr. Magoo here keeping a lookout in case any little old grannies wander into the road."

Annie knew there was no use in complaining further, so she accepted Gene's offer and they left their drinks for Chris, Ray and Phyllis to finish. To Annie's surprise, Sam slipped into the backseat of the Cortina with her, placing a hand gently on her leg. The car drove off and after a while, Annie realised Gene was driving a lot less recklessly than usual, as Sam traced patterns against the tight skin over her knee.

"Annie," Sam started tentatively, if not downright timidly. He sighed and his forehead creased.

"Yes?" Annie prompted, looking up in time to see Gene staring at her through the rearview mirror, eyes burning. A flush crept up her neck.

"I know you've noticed the different dynamic between Gene and myself lately."

Annie feigned ignorance. "How d'you mean?"

Gene interjected. "He means he can tell you've figured out we spend most nights shagging like wild gorillas."

"Thanks, Gene, very eloquent."

"If you don't want me adding in my tuppeny bit, get to the point, Gladys."

Sam glared and looked about to punch the back of the seat. "As he says, Gene and I are in a relationship. It's as much a shock to us as it would be to anyone, and you can understand why it's not exactly going to be announced at the next Dinner and Dance."

Annie felt her throat constrict, but adopted a bright and inquisitive tone. "Okay then, why are you telling me?"

"I care about you."

"He means he wants to shag you too."

"Just shut it, you mouthy git," Sam barked, this time thwapping Gene on the head, before settling his gaze back on Annie.

"Is that true, Sam?"

Sam's voice went low and soft. "I'd never have put it in such crude terms, but you must know how I feel about you, Annie."

Annie couldn't believe what she was hearing. On the one hand, it was flattering, and on the other, it was just the other side of degrading. Sam looked so earnest and giving, and the idea of finally getting to see what he was like in bed was appealing, but she wasn't sure she could participate in sexual acts with someone who already had a partner, even if the other partner knew and didn't mind. It didn't seem right.

"Let me get this straight. You're having regular sex with DCI Hunt, but you want me as well, as a bit on the side?"

"I was thinking more ménage-a-trois."

"Not to worry, Cartwright, it's not as primal as it sounds. Apparently, it's French for threesome. Don't think I didn't spank him hard for being so obtuse and pretentious about it."

Annie bit her lower lip. She hadn't considered all three of them together. Her imagination flickered to a scene of Gene riding Sam as he thrust within her, and she clenched her hand until her fingernails dug crescent shapes into her palm.

"How do you feel about the idea, Gene?" Annie asked, thinking it was stupid to keep using formalities when such a proposal had been suggested.

Gene's eyes met hers through the rearview mirror again. "I wouldn't want to force you into something you don't wanna do, but the image of your curvy hips has kept me going many a night. If you're up for it, I'm already halfway there."

Well, then. Annie smiled to herself. Anything he could do, she could do too. "Right. When?" She leaned forward seductively, brushing her hand lightly up Sam's inner thigh. "Now?"

Sam looked ready to leap out of his seat. "What about your head?"

Annie shrugged. "It's completely gone."

Gene interrupted again with a throaty chuckle. "Clearly."

"Stop being a pain and make sure we reach our destination safely," Annie replied mischievously, and was rewarded by another skin-searing glance from Gene.

Sam rested his forehead against hers, his breath hot against her cheek. "See, Annie, I knew. I knew I could trust you. You're amazing, you know that, right?"

Within ten minutes Gene stopped the car outside her flat and she found herself being half pulled, half carried towards the door. She fumbled with the key in the lock, nerves getting the better of her as it clattered to the ground. She figured she must seem an absolute fool, but was reassured by Gene sliding one hand around her waist and Sam another over her shoulder.

"Relax," Gene instructed quietly. "I felt much the same when we first started going at it, but there's nowt to be afraid of."

"Not unless seeing Gene go cross-eyed is one of your phobias," Sam agreed, tone warm and teasing.

As soon as they were in the flat, she could see Gene taking off his camelhair coat and Sam shrugging off his leather jacket. She thought she better join them, so she wriggled out of her trench coat and began undoing the top button of her blouse.

"Oh no," Sam said, coming to press close into her side. "Fingers off. This is for me." He proceeded to undo her buttons, his hands dexterous and devious as they slid within the cotton and cupped her breasts. His hands were warm against her and she pushed into the touch. Gene, meanwhile, had come close and worked on her skirt and Sam's jeans until they pooled around their ankles. Gene's knuckles brushed against her thigh as he began stroking Sam.

It took a moment before Annie realised Sam hadn't been wearing any underwear. She looked down at his cock, already half-hard from Gene's hand, and remembered the countless nights she'd pleasured herself visualising it after the unfortunate run-in with Joni. She wondered if Gene had done the same thing; could see him in her mind's eye, arching up with Sam's name on his lips. Sam kissed her and she was distracted momentarily, feeling delightfully dizzy.

They collapsed on the bed as a tangle of limbs, somewhere along the way completely divested of clothes. Annie rolled her head back as Gene sucked her nipples and Sam licked her clit, feeling the beginning of a warm, slow tingle up her spine. Sam's hand was on her stomach, caressing over her navel, timed with the tightening of her stomach muscles. Gene's hair brushed against her skin tantalisingly as his tongue wound concentric circles. She could barely contain her whimpering as he grazed her lightly with his teeth.

"You're so beautiful, Annie," Sam murmured, raising his head and looking up at her.

"Too beautiful for miserable scrotes like us," Gene agreed, in between kisses forming a trail from her collarbone to her hip.

Sam returned to licking her clit, dipping his fingers into her as he did so. He offered his fingers to Gene, who sucked them possessively, before travelling down until he, too, could lick her there, vying for space. Annie watched him as he moved with the kind of grace she always forgot to associate with him, his skin glistening and his hair curling at the nape of his neck. Before long, she couldn't concentrate long enough to think about appearances as she tried to open her legs wider and raise her hips.

Annie's toes curled from the tongues giving her such pleasure and she gripped the sheets with hands that displayed whitened knuckles.

"Please, Sam," Annie said, her voice rasped. Sam looked at her inquisitively. "Please stop torturing me like this."

Sam gave the cruelest smile she had ever seen him give and bent his head down again before pointing his tongue and darting it in and out of her, along with Gene's fingers. Annie was close to coming, unsure she could stand this any longer.

Sam propelled himself backwards and adjusted position until his cock was at her hole. Annie shifted lower on the bed and gave a moan of satisfaction as he entered her and began thrusting with long, slow strokes. Every stroke he made filled her in the best ways, and she couldn't stop herself from keening as his rhythmic actions brought her to the edge. Gene licked and sucked at her clit, and Annie came in a pulse of heat; muscles tensing and relaxing.

Sam stilled for a moment, then resumed thrusting, quickening pace when Gene walked behind him and began preparing him with saliva-slicked fingers. Annie watched with narrow eyes, but could see precious little of what was going on except Sam's expression --- mouth open, lips ruby red, eyes sultry. She was building to another orgasm, her breath catching in her throat as Sam's movements became more erratic. He changed angle when Gene thrust within him, letting out a grunt and gritting his teeth. Now, every rocking action brought him deep within her and against her clit, and Annie squeezed her eyes shut, feeling like her nerves were fraying.

She came just before Sam did, as he collapsed on top of her, nose nuzzling into her shoulder. Gene continued moving within him and rocked them together for several moments before he came too, groaning deeply.

She heard Gene fall to the floor and Sam rolled off, going to help him up. They settled back on the bed, either side of Annie, arms encircling her.

"To think, I've spent the past few months feeling jealous of you both," Annie admitted sleepily.

"Months? We've only been together three weeks," Sam countered.

"You mean to tell me we could've had months of this glorious fucking?"

"Oi, Gene, that's no way to talk around a lady."

Annie snorted, knowing he was only half-serious. "Oh, Sam, shut up."

"The only way to properly shut him up is to keep his mouth full," Gene retorted.

"We'll have to ensure we do just that in future, won't we?" Annie asked, a smile curving her lips.

"I love the way you think."

Annie grinned wide this time. So did she.

Tags: het, life on mars, rated nc-17, short, slash, writing

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  • A Phenomenon When You Came Along

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