Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

To rant or not to rant; that's a bloody stupid question, isn't it?..

In an odd twist of events, school today was actually really great. The students I had were well behaved. We got some great work done in numeracy. I managed to fix the class computers and get them up and running again. I had fun, the kids had fun. I think venting yesterday really helped me and probably gave me the much needed pep that gets you through the teaching day.

Well, that, and Mr. 40 Years was off at another community's school interviewing for a Principal's position. I do not know how he's allowed to (I never did explain we'd been told by a man from the teachers' union he'd been dismissed from two previous schools for incompetence, did I? Which is why he was never meant to be Acting Principal for longer than a term; only no one initially applied in the mid-year application process), and I hope to hell that he isn't hired if only because I wouldn't wish that upon anybody else ever. On my crueler side, I sort of hope he is, because that would mean there'd be no chance of him or his wife applying for any of the jobs opening up at our school for next year and lurking around like a creepy condescending shadow. Oh, Loz, tell us how you really feel.
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