Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Yuletide Letter 2008...

Dear Yuletide Santa,

My requests were lacking in detail, I know, but really that's because I like lots and lots of different things. I have a - well, I'd like to say 'quirky', but perhaps 'individual' sense of humour is more apt.

I love gen, het and slash. I tend to go more for gen, but I am happy with relationship stories too (I do not have anything against smut at all, just in case you were thinking my gen proclivities meant I did.)

I love dialogue and banter between characters, depictions of strong friendships. References. Foreshadowing. I love quiet scenes and the things that aren't said. Non-linear stories, unreliable narrators, twists in the tail, risk-taking - they're all high on my enjoyment list.

I have a dark mind. That dark mind doesn't quite extend to BDSM, incest, watersports, bestiality, necrophilia, or scat, though, just for the record (exception: unless they were used in Wire in the Blood as an example of the killer's chosen lifestyle/dysfunction.)

Fandom Specifics:

Wire in the Blood

I find the psychological aspects of WitB fascinating. I love Tony, his dysfunction, the way he works with Carol and their dynamic. I always thought Kevin was an interesting source of conflict early on and that he and Paula play vital roles.

Being Human

The humour and depth of Being Human really floored me. I adore George to teeny tiny pieces and anything that centres on him is sure to make my heart flutter. I have a great love of the ordinariness enmeshed with the fantastic; oh yeah, they might be agents of the supernatural, but they like to go down the pub.


I ship pretty much everyone with everyone, but what I haven't read a lot of in Psych fandom is gen (it's possible I'm not finding it as opposed to it not existing), and I'd love that a lot. Shawn flirting with everyone and anyone, but no actual romance? Awesome. I'm really into the humour and light-heartedness of the show, it makes me happy, so anything with the same general tone would be lovely.

Black Books

I love Manny in his attempts to be Bernard's conscience; his frequent failure and consternation. I also really enjoyed the idea that Bernard likes and needs Manny but is too much of an arsehole to admit it.

I want you to write something that you like. If you're happy, I will be.

Good luck and thank you so much!
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