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Loz Television Tuesday (Time zones, woo!)

HIMYM (After Viewing)

I think this is the first time I've truly felt bad for Ted. (Yes, I admit it, I'm a bit of a Ted-hater. Well, it's not hate so much as profound indifference. I don't mind him as a narrator, but he pisses me off as a character.) It was obvious what was going to happen, but, STELLAAAAAAAA! There wasn't enough Marshall in this episode, but Barney was full of Barneyish win.

Chuck (Liveblog)

Have to admit, kind of hope this one's about older, but attractive women trying to maul Chuck.

Sarah backstory! Yay! For God's sake have this episode all about making her a well-rounded character and not about her angsty true love for Chuck.

Why do characters ever bother with warning others to 'touch nothing'? Surely they must know they won't be listened to? It's Pandora's Box.

Is that Cory from Boy Meets World? HAHAHAHA. AWESOME.

I really hate Chuck when he's like this. What a dick. Doesn't he realise that compromising Sarah's cover just means it's more likely she'll be reassigned?

What? This makes no sense. Evil woman should be angry, not blasé. BLAH CONTINUITY! [ETA from later viewing: actually, very clever. Nice foreshadowing too.]

YAY, BADASS SARAH. This is what we've been missing.

Oh man! Winking, good cop/bad cop, and Chuck has mighty fine crazy eyes.


... they didn't at least move the merchandise to the side of the store?! And where's Ana?

HAHAHAHA. Awesome music choice.

Ooooh, interesting. So many different names. And yet, presumably, she only went to the one high school? There was no suggestion she'd gone to others?

"Do you want a big half or a small half?" FRACTIONS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Another good episode. I enjoy Chuck. There's a few things I'd do if I were on the writing staff, but it's entertaining.

Heroes (Dot points)

Knew there was no way in hell Hiro would kill Ando so easily. Hiro is so freaking adorable. Sometimes I find that frustrating, but here? N'awwwww. *pinches cheeks* And Hiro and Ando together make me happy. Their friendship is so awesome. Hiro getting hit, twice? MADE OF WIN. MADE OF WIN, WIN, WIN. HEEE!

I thought flame-hands died? Was it Jesse who bit the big one? Huh. I need to rewatch that ep, obviously.

Petrelli Sr. is God-moding and that's not cool at all. Someone needs to reteach him the rules of RP.

All in all, despite a few awesome moments this season (Sylar in the future being super creepy), I really miss the first season of Heroes, it was a much cooler show.


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