Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Awesome with extra 'some'...


I didn't know Tim actually writes Lassiter's blogs!

Now I feel bad for saying it doesn't always sound like Lassiter (way, waaay too geeky/pop-culturey with the Lone Gunmen reference.) Clearly I need to rethink my views on Lassiter. I could go into actors' perceptions of characters they play versus the audience's perceptions and whether one has more validity than the other for a very long time, especially in regards to my other fandom, but, I won't.

He's hilarious! I love him even more!

ALSO. Tim Omundson video interview that I am only just finding because I'm an idiot.

Holy shit. The Psych website is the coolest official website of a show ever. And yes, I am totally jonesing for the show after there not being an episode for me to watch today. Sad, but true.
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