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Well, I have a new favourite episode of Psych.

I was watching this on my media player on the bus and I had to bite my knuckles to prevent myself from screaming in GLEE on more than one occasion.

That was just a great episode of television, and a fantastic episode of Psych. And I was all aflail and couldn't for fear of looking like a crazy person/like someone having a fit.

Things I mentally recorded for this post;

Shawn was being such a dick, and yet, I still love him. I had plotted and started writing "Shawn and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" long, long before I knew about this episode, and yet I predicted it would be Shawn being a dick that would land Gus in a hostage situation. Because there's a precedent, of course. But also because I am psychic.

I LOVE ALAN RUCK! I always have. If only because of his minor and yet brilliant role as Stephens in Speed --- Jack, relaying his distaste at finding the bomb: Fuck me! Stephens on the phone, communicating what Jack's saying to some official type dudes: Oh, darn. --- but actually because he's Cameron from Ferris Bueller and was so awesome as Stuart in Spin City.

Shawn play-acting out of fear and then jealousy was hilarious and touching and God, I couldn't actually love him any more. AND LASSITER FOUND HIM SO AMUSING AND I WAS GLEEING ALL OVER THE PLACE! Seriously. Lassiter's smirk in this episode was making me so happy.

Did anyone else think Shawn was actually going to kiss Gus just after Gus gave his speech about saying how he feels and taking action because life's too short, and just before he waved his hand for Philip? Because I really, really did. Honest. I was expecting a kiss on the cheek, but I really thought it was going to happen.

Gus expressed his love for Shawn, being completely genuine, and Shawn was so uncomfortable. It was like that scene with Henry once, when Shawn just didn't know what to say. Real emotion terrifies Shawn. He doesn't know how to handle it, doesn't want to trivialise it and is obviously perplexed as to what to do. AND GUS SAID HE LOVED HIM. AND. AND. AND. It was such a great scene and the hug came from the Futurama school of the long joke, and I was all aflutter. Their love and friendship makes me so happy. If I were Gus at that moment, I'd want to kill Shawn, but Gus expresses his love. Oh. Oh.

Henry! Henry came down and didn't lecture Shawn, he helped him and told him to be careful and eeeee, their relationship as it stands now is so delightful.

Grab life by the little Lassiters. Another winning scene. Shawn's "I know you don't like my methods. I know you don't like me..." And yet. Lassiter does like Shawn, I think that's obvious now, and that's the sentence that got him to say 'screw you' to protocol. And he really was so Goddamned sexy at that moment. Another knuckle-biting moment. I really loved how Lassiter and Shawn became this kind of united front of derision towards Lunce and wanting to sort the situation.

I... Shawn's bitterness to Jules actually really hurt. But. He did that thing I thought he would where he said he wanted Juliet to be happy. Whilst still trying to sabotage the relationship. And I think --- Shawn does want Jules to be happy, he just wants her to be happy with him more. She wants someone mature, who can give her something --- a stability, shall we say --- that Shawn can't. Clearly she's insane, because Cameron Lunce was much more of a dick than Shawn ever is, and that is saying something, you know. She said she wanted someone who knew who he was, but either she hasn't been paying attention or she doesn't really know Shawn at all, because he knows exactly who he is --- he just doesn't want anyone else to. (It was oddly gratifying to see Shawn's distaste for another poseur. Long before he noticed anything with Jules, his instincts were pinging that Lunce was a jerk. And, once again, Lassiter's amusement at this was so great.)

The plot was slightly nonsensical, but clever. I loved that Phil wasn't actually a bad guy. Alan plays those types of role so damn well. His fear was palpable. Um. Phil had some major chemistry going on with Shawn and was really touchy feely. And a lantern was hung on it --- it was deliberate. I liked this.

Lassiter: better than a boycat. Or a girlcat. Shawn called him partner. Now, granted, this kind of harks back to Shawn's wayward Uncle, and if Psych were a show with any form of solid continuity, I might say it was deliberate, but still, that was awesome. And Gus' "that is so not cool" attitude was brilliant.

I have to say, I usually find that I like Andy Berman's episodes the best, and I was going to say that before, after the last of his eps screened, but didn't because it smacked of favouritism. Well, it is. His episodes are the best at striking a balance between wacky, zany Shawn and the real man within. He always ramps up the slashiness with both Shawn/Gus and Shawn/Lassiter, and it's always done in a way that's, okay, kind of gratuitous, but purposeful too. He's not just making a joke, there's real feeling there. Same with Shawn/Jules, it isn't just 'oh, aren't they cute together?', he deals with the issues as well as the lighter side. I really appreciate that.

And this episode was suspenseful, and full of emotion, and yet still really, really funny.

I couldn't possibly love this show more. And now I have to wait until JANUARY. WOE.

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