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I haven't had the opportunity to read all the ficathon entries yet because I've been working. Tonight, I'm leaving on a bus to Adelaide for three days, so it won't be until next week before I can. But I had the absolute pleasure of beta-reading this story.

It's an AU set in World War I. It features a subtle and complex relationship between Gene and Sam. A Sam who appears to be going insane. Characters such as "Potter", "Latimer", "Mitchell", and "Harkness", a budding romance between Sam/Annie. And such brilliant historical and story detail, you'll delight in it, completely delight. It might also break you, just a little bit. Also, it clocks in at just under 16,000 words.

The voices are lovely. The setting perilous! It's mysterious and clever and read. now. Also, make sure you leave taurenova a comment about how amazingly talented she is.

Pro Patria Mori [Life on Mars, PG-13, Implied Sam/Annie, Gene -> Sam UST]
Tags: fandom, life on mars, recs

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