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Psych 3.07 - Talk Derby to Me (officially the best Psych episode title of S3 so far.)

We're back with a more conventional episode; wherein, Lassiter and Jules get a case and Shawn and Gus help out. Good. I liked the break in format, don't get me wrong, but it had been broken for every episode of the series so far, and it's great to get back to basics.

The proctological practicum. *dies*

Hah. It totally looked and sounded like he slapped Lassiter's arse. It was probably his back, but, *handwaves*

DUDE. MANPRIS? NOT COOL. Despite his love of patterns, Shawn usually looks pretty good. These, however. No. A world of no. NO.


Hands, hands in places. And the smile. Oh God, they're so adorkable together.


The names on the lockers are so great. Futurama writers always talk about how long it takes to come up with funny jokes for signs that will probably never get noticed, and I think this is the same thing.

Fourth: posture. Fifth: Elocution. Hee! HEE!

I have always really loved Jules. And, importantly, Jules and Chief Vick scenes. They make Psych a show that passes the Bechdel test, yay. Jules doesn't really fit into any boxes. Just when you think she does, they throw something totally random out about her. She can be phenomenally goofy. She's smart and strong. I was just about to comment on how she's not simply Shawn's love interest and suddenly there's a dinner date scene, fail.

Yay Jules! Work is more important than making kissyface with Shawn. Even though I suspect you should have actually listened to him.

SHAWN/GUS SCENE FOR THE WIN. Gus is jealous, hahahaha! But he's still number one. ♥

Dammit. Shipping everyone on this show is hard.

Nick and I have had discussions about the sloppy editing on Psych and there was another example there with Juliet going up into the roof space. Yes, my brother and I talk about the editing in goofy fun tv shows, because we're both giant dorks.

HAHAHA. Seriously. James Roday has the best expressions. How many actors would do that look after saying that line?

They did the pointing thing! At Lassiter!

I want to know how long Shawn spent doing the maths so he could do that lead in. Hah. Using the mannequin's hand. Genius. Aww, now he's stroking Lassie's arm.

I love love love how they use big dramatic music only for the payoff of a joke. It's always hilarious.

Okay, hands up, who youtubed "monkey bathing cat"? Yeah. I really love that Shawn is an internet geek. So much.

Shawn boosting Jules up and Lassiter's little smile. Oh. Oh.

I... am just a little bit in love with Shawn, I admit it. I'd fall for him, if I were Jules. (Or Gus. Or Lassiter.)

Chocolate thunder? HAHAHA. GUS.


I really loved this episode.

WHAT? HOW IS IT ALREADY THE LAST EPISODE? HUH? HUH? NOOOOOOO. I don't want a summer finale. I was looking forward to another 9 episodes, man. ... when does it come back? God. I don't think I could handle a hiatus. I just --- this show has become my reason to go through the week, you know? Okay. Not really. But still. It's a major fun point.

On the other hand, holy shit, next week's episode looks good.
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