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Writing inferno...

I’ve really been enjoying writing Psych fiction. I think it’s been good for me. There are certain things I can’t allow myself to do easily with Life on Mars. Namely; rampant fluff with no apologies. I always feel dirty slightly uncomfortable when I try to do lovey dovey LoM fiction. But Psych? I feel absolutely no fear in presenting a sweet situation without undercutting every seven lines. I still undercut a little, because that’s just my way, but --- yes --- there’s a wonderful freedom there that doesn’t have me angsting over something’s ‘truth’, because Psych is entirely based on a lie. So was LoM, but in different reality-bending ways and my mind always likes to make it hard for me to get over that, even if I manage to put my personal characterisation views to the side.

And it’s fun, playing with other voices more regularly, getting the feel of some other characters when you’ve been devoted to a certain group for a long time. Yes, I’ve written other fandom fiction before and during LoM, but I haven’t had the urgent need to get the dialogue down, or the mid-evening giggles at my own jokes. I haven’t wanted to write them so much, which is why I haven’t.

New fandoms are new! And exciting!
Tags: fandom, life on mars, psych

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