Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

This Home

Title: This Home
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 300 words.
Notes: Sam/Gene slash of a PWP nature.

Gene's fingertips are like sandpaper on his hips, wearing down the years of solitude and hurt. His chest is sweat-slick and hot, rough chest-hair and hard-nubbed nipples, soft stomach rolling into the sharp points of Sam's spine as they rock backwards and forwards. Sam's breath is tight and caught at the base of his throat, causing him to make low groans that sound like pain, but aren't. He squeezes his eyes shut and his thigh muscles bunch and flex as Gene opens him up further, driving in and pulling back out, the wet smack of flesh reverberating throughout the room.

Gene reaches down and fists his cock and Sam is alive, grunting into Gene's fingers, gritted teeth and heart battering against his rib cage, feeling his skin tauten and tense against every edge of his body. He pushes harder, writhes, unable to move in the right way, hoping Gene will take the hint. Gene grips firmly, taking hold, movements becoming erratic as he continues to thrust. Sam can feel him kiss the back of his neck, the soft scratch of stubble and slither of a tongue as it glides against the fine hairs there. And then he's coming, mind spinning and body trembling through aftershocks whilst Gene continues sliding against and within him.

He clenches around Gene, resumes snapping his hips back, clutching the bed sheets with whitened knuckles. Gene comes, calling out his ecstasy, teeth at the juncture of Sam's neck and shoulder, but not biting, just scraping. He stills. Sam thinks he can feel his heartbeat thundering along a symphony, timpani loud and rhythmic. Sam waits, drips of perspiration breaking over his forehead, sliding down his nose.

Gene rolls off after a couple of minutes, voice ragged as he speaks. "Glad you decided to come back."

"Me too."

Tags: life on mars, rated nc-17, short, writing
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