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It's supposed to be about the filing!..

As you may remember, I applied for my current job as a permanent teaching position for next year at the end of May. At the moment, I am on a contract, which means I'd be leaving and looking for a new job come December; if I don't win a permanent position, a new contract. Gaining permanency would be amazing. It would mean job security and ease of mind.

I was supposed to hear about whether I won the position at the beginning of June.

There was a mix-up.

The school's Principal decided to retire and the Acting Principal is a man the staff like to dub "Mr 40 Years Experience", since this is how he's referred to himself. It's an ironic title to us, because he's actually quite bad at his job when it comes to the organisation and running of a school.

He didn't even know the position had been advertised. Before being Acting Principal, he was Deputy Principal. How is this possible? Now, don't get me wrong, it's obviously not entirely Mr 40 Years Experience's fault, since why didn't the preceding Principal double check he knew such things? Previous Principal was a great guy, but a little bit of a flake in some respects.

I need to know whether I've got the job before I can apply for other teaching positions --- the permanent positions in other schools are being released throughout the next couple of weeks. I was told by a colleague that Mr 40 Years Experience should have given me the verdict last Wednesday.

This is my unimpressed face.
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