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Psych 3.03 liveblogging (because I can.)

"And he jumped Springfield gorge!"

"That was Homer Simpson."

!!!! No, seriously, this show is the best thing ever.

"That was insane."

"No. That was attempted murder."


Okay, so one of the reasons I really like Psych is because it's this fantastic character study on why Shawn is the way he is, and yet, we still get to enjoy Shawn being the way he is.


Along with everyone else I ship on this show; Juliet/Lassiter. Ahuh. It's the hands and the "thank you for your concern" and the fact they so obviously genuinely like each other. She would get to have the benefit of his sweet, coy side! He would have her good influence on him! They would have witty, snarky banter! There'd be cuddles. Also, he is freaking gorgeous, dead clown story notwithstanding. And I really do think Maggie Lawson goes on my "if I were gay" list. It's slightly strange going back to having so many ships after doing the OTP thing. It kind of feels like home.

Hey! It's Harmony! Yay, Harmony!

That dramatic kerfuffle getting on the bike was a long stretch even by Psych's standards. It was from the Futurama school of the long joke. Cool chase, though.

"That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen" = They've been really pushing Shawn/Gus again this season. It was strong in the first season, was sort of offset by blatant Shawn/Lassiter in the second, and now, we're back with the Shawn/Gus guylove.

(Shawn likes historical novels? Awesome! That's getting used in fic.)

OMG. IT GETS BETTER! TAKING GUS TO THE PROM! ! ! The laughter! "Misfire?" Nope, not even a little. (BTW, thing noticed when I was capping for icons? Shawn doesn't actually smile and/or grin a lot. In fact, not much at all. I always think of Shawn as this outwardly happy, bouncy person, but he hardly ever shows that in his expression, it's always in movement and exaggeration.) (Meanwhile, just to prove me wrong, he decides to grin at least three times in this episode.)

Hands in places!

BLATANT PRODUCT PLACEMENT, OH MAN. I kind of love how they just don't do things by halves on this show. It's not subtle, at all. It's "we got paid to advertise, so goddammit, that's what we'll do. Loudly."

HEEEEEEEE! Oh, this is cute. And infinitely ficcable. And I really like how considerate Lassiter is being. And now, the outrage! HAHAHAHA! Lassiter's characterisation on this show is fascinating, because from the beginning, they've always told us he's basically Shawn's number one antagonist, but always shown us he's a surprisingly sympathetic character. They do things like have Shawn and Gus talk about the difficulties of finding him a date ("are we locked in on the same species"? that's just cruel, Shawn [yes, you tease because you care]), and then show his loneliness and at-heart kindness. Oh. Lassiter, ILU.

"Chocolate harpoon" should not be used in fic. It is, however, hilarious.

And we're back with deep, subdued Shawn. James Roday really is a very good actor. ♥ That was sad, but lovely. Bittersweet.

Oh, Lassiter. I'm sorry, but this just makes me want to write more Shawn/Lassiter fic so the guy can actually get some.

All in all, another episode made of GLEE, with parts that were EPIC WIN.

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