Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Nothing’s the Only Thing I Know Anything About

Title: Nothing’s the Only Thing I Know Anything About
Fandom: Psych
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 700 words.
Notes: Shawn/Lassiter. Written for porn battle!
Summary: Lassiter’s really, really good at getting Shawn to shut up.

Lassiter’s really, really good at getting Shawn to shut up. Shawn hadn’t actually thought that was possible, would have bet money against it. When he’s happy, he talks. When he’s sad, he talks. Scared. Angry. It’s not always conscious. Sometimes the words just surge out of nowhere. Given the chance, he can think of thousands of things to say. Usually, he says very little in very few words, and makes up for it with volume and enthusiasm. He never stops.

Until Lassie drags him into a private space like an empty closet, leans in close with one arm above him, head tilted to the left. That’s when words escape him. He licks his too-dry lips and stills, captivated by Lassiter’s expression. Some days, Shawn purposefully begins to rant and rave just to make Lassiter stop him. Lassiter gets them ridiculously close, lanky legs bent at the knees to bring his face level with Shawn’s, eyes intense and commanding. And Shawn knows that at any moment he’s about to kiss him, but Lassiter makes him wait.

It gets to over a minute and if this were anyone but Lassie, Shawn would be half-way through a monologue by now, extolling the virtues of something, anything, nothing really --- he wouldn’t have any idea what he was saying, would be comforted by the sound of his own voice, that’s all. But it is Lassie, with glittering eyes and calm features, and the kind of patience Shawn has never had.

When Lassiter does kiss him, it isn’t even close to the end of it. His bottled up nature represses unparalleled passion and it doesn’t take long for him to have Shawn’s trousers on the ground, legs hiked up and hole being worked open by two scissoring fingers. And still, Shawn doesn’t say a word. Not even, “the fact you keep lube in your pocket for this eventuality is really freaking hot.” Even if he wanted to talk at that moment, he couldn’t, because Lassiter’s lips are locked with his own. It’s kind of awkward and uncomfortable in the best possible way, his muscles straining and his heartbeat thundering within his chest.

Lassiter thrusts in and Shawn’s still silent, not even a moan as he’s pushed harder against the wall, always surprised by how it feels, even though they’ve done this several times. Lassiter’s cock is thick and hard within him, pushing in and pulling out in a fixed rhythm that Shawn could never get used to. There are no words to describe this; nerve-endings alive and muscles clenching, the slick of Lassiter’s neck as Shawn holds on and rides it out.

Shawn’s back slips against the wall, pushing him down, adjusting the angle, until Lassiter’s stroking against his prostate every time he moves. And Lassiter grinds into him with more force, pent up aggression and lust driving him to quicken. Shawn tangles his fingers into Lassiter’s hair, wanting to rock into him, but unable to move of his own free volition. God, it’s great, even with their shirts rustling between them and the latent fear of this not being as private a spot as they’d need. The friction becomes too much to bear and Shawn comes; eyes screwed shut, cock spilling and muscles clenching tight.

Lassiter shoves in hard, stills and grunts deep and low. Shawn slowly opens his eyes to see Lassiter’s throat working, sweat running in rivulets down his forehead, and mouth open. He feels him pull back and eases his legs down, pain shooting through his thighs.

“On a scale of one to ten, that was definitely an eleven. I give you bonus points for that little swirly trick you did with your tongue right in the first thirty seconds of the kiss, and the undeniable hotness of the position --- it was unconventional, I appreciated that. I marked you down for the lack of foreplay, but you more than made up for it with the main event. In future, if you’d... ”

“Spencer, the point clearly didn’t make the impact I was hoping it would. Shut up.”

“But if I did that, then this would never happen. So I think I’ll just continue. As I was saying...”

Alternative link: Nothing’s the Only Thing I Know Anything About, Psych, Lassiter/Shawn, for the prompt: babble, NC-17
Tags: humour, psych, rated nc-17, short, slash, writing

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