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Episode Rewatch...

argyleheir is made of win and is running an episode rewatch of Life on Mars on lifein1973

Every week there will be a post for episode artwork, vids, icons and fics! Episode 1 is here and I contributed with an R-rated Sam/Maya piece called "For No One" (the Beatles song that I think was clearly written for them.)

I really wanted it to be able to fit into one comment, and I was only a few characters off (4300 characters, really LJ?), but I couldn't cut any more, so it had to be two comments. I have to admit, this pisses me off. I should have cut my losses and reinstated the edited sections, but being the idiot I am, I didn't keep them. There was more about how Maya lost their baby (on duty) and another scene showing the breaking down of their relationship (sharing a meal together in silence), as well as some lines of dialogue I really liked.

The first series of Life on Mars revolves around Sam's father issues, and I thought that maybe this could be because he'd had a recent upset that related to fathering. I've actually already written this idea, but for a Sam/Annie fic, as petametermaid last ficathon (which, wow, is coming up again and I have posts and things to organise, as well as fic to write. Shit.) In fiction people are often highlighting the pain a woman must go through with a miscarriage, but not as much the male partner. And this is something Sam would feel especially keenly, I think. He'd be scared of becoming a father anyway, but to have that prospect and then have it cruelly snatched away --- I can see why he'd become a closed off husk of a man. I don't think anything of this nature had to have happened to make Sam the way he is, or the Sam/Maya relationship the way it is at the beginning of the show. But it's one of way looking at it.

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