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I feel like I could really enjoy Bonekickers if they ignored "issues" altogether and just went with the silly, sexy, lighter side of things --- but it's trying to balance the goofy, goofy over-the-topness ("Does anybody else have an underpants situation?") with things that are really quite relevant and it frustrates me. They treat serious topics with shallow disregard --- how can we exploit this hot buzz item now? The fake earnestness of it is sickening.

It's a balance issue. And definitely a humour issue. They want the show to be funny and dramatic, but because the drama is so overwrought and in your face, it's really just hilarious --- but not for the right reasons.

However, the Bonneville is still made of win and awesome (haven't made my mind up as to his character yet) and there was a really great scene, (the autograph one, of course), that actually made me like Ben a lot, so there's hope, I suppose. Plus, we get one of my favourite fictional clichés next week.

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