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So, today I actually spent a rather large time messing about with my brother's camera.

Remember how I pointed out my Buffy and Harry dolls in the picture of my DVDs? There's a little story behind them.

2 years ago, thinking I'd love it my younger brother bought me these rather expensive mini-Harry Potter dolls for Christmas. I did love them, but in a silly jokey way (at age 12, he had been entirely serious).

Also for my birthday the same year some old friends of mine bought me a Buffy doll. I liked her a lot more. I was particularly upset when, a week later, she fell and her arm broke off.

Anyway, this lot have been on my shelf for two years - and I hadn't even opened Ron.

So, today, I finally did what I've been wanting to do for years - I made a silly slideshow with the dolls. Enjoy.

Rescuing Ron

(p.s... if you choose to, comment here rather than there...)
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