Loz (lozenger8) wrote,


I am one minute and forty-five seconds in and dear God tell me this is a parody.


I have now seen the whole thing and I feel like I threw up in my mouth a little.

No. Really. This is horrendously bad. It's pretty unwatchable. Considerably worse than Ashes to Ashes and not even in the same general direction as Life on Mars. Did anyone actually read this script? I am thinking not.

The characterisation, the balance, hell --- even the dialogue (of which Matthew is usually quite good) were all hideous. But the plot? The plot was atrocious. Illogical, impossible, overwrought and bile-inducing. And the production values were mostly okay, but the acting was awful by most --- even the Bonneville wasn't bringing his A game.

How do these things get made? And better yet --- what on earth happened to MG's talent? I think he may have buried it in the back garden, along with several dead pets and any sense of decency towards poor, beleaguered audiences who already get enough tripe in their fast food.
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