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Weird people live in Adelaide...

I am idly standing at the bus stop, waiting for my bus to come. Few people are around. Standing just ahead of me is a dishevelled fairly elderly man, looking down the road for the bus. Minutes pass. Suddenly he turns around and walks over.

"Madam", he slurs, "are you a (murmur)"
"Excuse me? I didn't quite catch that," I say, leaning forward and noticing his open gapped mouth only contains four teeth at the most.
"Are you a Catholic, madam?" he slurs again, this time louder.
"No." I answer promptly.
"Wuh... would you like to be one?"
"No." I say again.

He walks away muttering. "Save yourself" carries over the breeze. I take the appropriate step backwards and frown. Weird people live in Adelaide...
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