Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Echoing straits between us thrown...

Living up here you have only one group of people you can really converse with; the other staff at the school. This is mostly because the Anangu prefer to keep an unspoken but strict divide between themselves and Piranpa. It gets to a point where you work together, you live together, you go to social events together. There is no escape. I've noticed that, because we do work together, and live together, we rarely want to do social things together if we can avoid it. And because of this, we don't know all kinds of basic information about each other.

I know the personalities at my school --- not the people.

I know that Lovely Teacher's a great big goofball, who's actually really shy, and spends most of his day being a cheerfully silly idiot. I know W is remarkably organised and a little bit terrifying with what seems to be her command of everything. I know that Mr 40 Years Experience (the school's Acting Principal) is really a terrible manager, of people and events, that is in love with the sound of his own voice, but means well, deep down. But I don't know what Lovely Teacher liked doing as a kid, or what W's favourite song is, or what Mr 40 Years Experience dreamt of doing when he grew up.

It's strange to think that I can gauge, very easily, what someone's reaction will be to a comment or incident, but not know why they think and feel this way.

I think that's the usual way of things when it comes to work and professional relationships. But these are the only people I see regularly in person other than my students and the Anangu workers at the store. It feels weird not to have a connection or understanding beyond, "hello, how was your morning, are your students behaving themselves today?"
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