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Certain parts of my rather messy room for your perusal...

These are my DVDs, notice many of my fandoms there (Pride and Prejudice is a little hard to see, but it's there). My Queen DVDs are in Nick's room. Notice also, next to the stack of Hornblower (drool), some weird white blobs? They're my mini-Harry and Buffy dolls having sex. They've been that way for a while... (in truth, he fell, I couldn't be bothered...)

This is the corner of my table. There's my printer and scanner, Le Morte Darthur on top of the Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume 1. See behind it another table stacked with books, my Buffy DVD boxes, my Band of Brothers, my Only Fools and Horses tapes and other miscellaneous junk.

This is my bookshelf of doom... books, lots of them, untidy... as with certain correspondence...

And that was a tour of my room. I couldn't show you the other corner because my bed isn't made...

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