Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I shall rant and I'll rave like a true English whinger...

My very least favourite aspect of teaching? The programming that gets handed up to one's line manager. Oh yes. Especially since in my school system you're very lucky if your line manager gives it more than a cursory glance, what with them being busy running the school (and yet, they still expect the dozens of pages of paperwork) and it's not like they ever come back at you and say, "oi, have you done everything you said you were going to in that there plan you showed me?" They never do. I could submit this program and then teach underwater basketweaving for all they care.

It feels like being in Uni again and having to submit Unit Plans that are tediously overtechnical and not at all useful in the long run. I could be making some resources! I could be getting some much needed rest! Instead, I tappety tap, attempting to say "letters and numbers and things all day every day" in eduspeak.
Tags: teaching

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