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Clocking Off 3.02.

Lots and lots of Mack in this episode.

And --- in not one but three of CO's infamous unglamourous sex scenes. They're awful. They're really, really awful. I was hoping for some soft focus sexing and instead got what I usually get with Clocking Off - naturalism.

But, but, but... to counter-balance that I also got information that Mack wanted to be a teacher. He would have been an awesome teacher. [I really want to write a LoM/CO crossover AU with Mack as a University tutor and Sam his student, OMG. If I didn't already have a WIP and three thousand other ideas, that would so get written. I mean, Mack and Sam are kind of perfect for each other in a much-less-conflict-than-S/G-but-still-lots-of-sex kind of way.]

It's confirmed. The Glenister can't quite cry like the Simm can. (Alright, alright, no one can cry on screen like the Simm can.)

One of the odd things about this episode is that it renders Mack as being out of touch with his workforce because he's 'the Boss', but, in the first series we don't get that sense - in fact, we get the contrary. He sits down in the canteen with everyone and eats his lunch the same as them - chatting and getting KT to sit with him. In this episode, they show him being distinctly wary about sitting with Kev and the others. It's a bit strange. In the first series, everyone throws him a big birthday party and he joins in. In this one, he feels out of place at a company-worker's football match. Yeah, he still lives in a big house with a fancy car in the first series, but he knows people's names and obviously cares about them as individuals. Here, we have him getting someone's name wrong and showing a clear uncomfortableness with others - to the point where he actually mentions 'breeding', which, just doesn't sound much like the Mack of S1 at all.

I wonder how much of that is writers deciding to change direction slightly or Mack's development after Katherine leaving him. Anyway, it both interested and infuriated me.

As for the main character of the episode (the one who actually got to sex Mack); it's the second time I've thoroughly despised the 'protagonist', which is what I think sets CO apart from other dramas. It's not afraid to make you follow a character you'd rather slap than spend time with. [Other examples of this include the aforementioned LoM.] She was odious - self serving, snobbish, naive and trying to be everyone's friend. She was the worst and best example of a student who cares for no one but themself yet claims to 'see and sympathise' with all the world's problems --- they talk a lot, but they don't do anything. I feel like that a lot myself.

In other related news, I am well amused that Phil was signing A2A DVDs not too long ago and a little sad I, once again, never had a hope in hell of getting there. I bet he never, ever thought it would come to that when he started this acting lark. But he deserves it - he deserves the adulation and attention. I just think it's the weirdest thing ever that I should have latched onto this actor years ago when he was known by most as nothing but, "that guy!" And then he should score such a role as Gene and suddenly be a public sex symbol. I mean, it confuses me every week that other people get what I saw in him way back when (he's the only reason I ever tracked down LoM.) I never expected it. He is a bit of a legend.
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