Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Sun Lights Up the Daytime

Title: Sun Lights Up the Daytime
Fandom: due South
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2290 words.
Notes: Fraser/Kowalski PWP, written for stop_drop_porn. The prompt was "short sleeves". Title from "Fever".

The sun was blazing - it was the hottest it had ever gotten at this time of year, and Ray stared up into the blue of the sky, his head tilted back and his eyes squinting.

"Hot today," he said, and he knew it was completely unnecessary. Most days than not he'd probably roll his eyes at the kinds of guys who go around stating the obvious, but it was because he was trying to make a point.

"Yes, Ray, it is hot," Fraser conceded. He sounded stiff and just the other edge of annoyed - a polite coldness he used sometimes that Ray was sure no one else ever registered.

Ray brought his head down, looking Fraser straight in the eye. "When I was a kid and it was a day like this, I'd go to the pool and strip right off. You know, right down to my boxers---"

Fraser interrupted. "You didn't have a swimming costume?"

"No, 'cause it was only on days like this I'd ever go to the pool," Ray said, as if it should be common knowledge.


"Yeah, so, I'd be there, kinda stretching out. And I'd watch everyone as they go by. The sun always sorta shines off people's skin when it's hot, you know? Like a beacon. It felt like summer."

"Why didn't you go during summer?" Fraser asked conversationally. Conversationally, but with an edge, Ray could hear it.

"I was working at old McGinty's, I've told you about that. And if I wasn't working, I was over at Stella's."

"I see."

Ray shifted position, standing closer to Fraser. He extracted a small tube from his pocket, flipping the cap. He stretched his left arm out and dragged his right hand up it, smearing sunblock. "Don't wanna get sunburn," he said, making sure he was thorough in rubbing it in. Ray's thumb caught in the sleeve at his bicep. "Days like this, you gotta love the invention of the T-shirt."

"I have told you before, I'm not taking my uniform off, Ray," Fraser said, clipped and precise. "I don't care if it is a 'day like this'." Ray raised his eyebrows. Fraser must really be annoyed. His tone was still completely even, but the rhythm the words came out in was jerking all over the place.

"C'mon, Fraser. It's burning up out here." Ray opened his hands wide, as if to demonstrate. "I'm not saying you should take it all off, just, maybe learn to wear short sleeves once in a while?" He gestured towards the Consulate building. "I'm sure the ice queen wouldn't mind."

"On the contrary, Inspector Thatcher would mind very much, were she here and not in Toronto on business."

"She'd just be wanting to get you hot and bothered. You're wearing wool and it's 90 degrees. Who wears wool when it's 90 degrees?"

Fraser seemed to sigh. But not, because no air came out. His chest rose and fell and that was it. He stared resolutely forward, maintaining perfect posture.

"You're taking it off when you're off acting as guard, right?"

"I still have official duties to perform."

"Who cares? No, really. Do you care? It's like, paperwork, isn't it? Does it really matter if you take this off to write on some paper?" Ray tugged at the red serge of Fraser's tunic.

He could see Fraser's carefully composed mask cracking.

But he didn't crack. He did not let Ray's common sense get to him. He went indoors like a faithful puppy, as Turnbull assumed duty, all lanyard and cross-strap and tunic in place. At first, he didn't even take off the stetson, and Ray was positive that was him being stubborn, because Fraser usually at least removed the Goddamned hat. Even Dief whined up at Fraser, as if asking him to show a little courtesy here, because it wasn't like Dief had a choice but to put up with fur.

Ray wouldn't ordinarily have stuck around, but a perverse part of him wanted to watch Fraser sweat it out. And he did, around Midday, start to look a little like the heat might be affecting him. A slight pink flush swept across his cheeks - which Ray might have thought was indignation, but also some of his hair was plastered to his forehead, curling with dampness.

Ray realised he was being a jerk. He could have been out there, enjoying the sun himself, not purposefully winding his partner up. But sometimes, he just had to be a jerk, it was a quirk of his personality, he couldn't explain it.

"Seriously, Fraser, what're you trying to prove?" Ray asked, sitting with his bare feet on Fraser's desk and a long, cool drink in his hand.

"I'm not trying to prove anything," Fraser returned, and it was with definite snippiness. He was not a happy camper. And Ray was well on his way to getting his own way.

Except he didn't. Fraser remained infuriatingly fully clothed the entire time.

When the clock in the hallway struck five, it was the end of the working day. Turnbull came in for a few short moments, then rushed off, explaining there was an interesting documentary on Wensleydale on PBS. Fraser's expression was a kind of polite concern that Ray thought had something to do with Fraser's realisation that he, too, would get to hear all about Wensleydale the next day. And the next. And the day after that. But apart from that, Fraser just waved him goodbye and walked into the kitchen. Ray followed.

"You're taking it off now, aren't you?" Ray asked, but it wasn't really a question, it was more of a command.

Fraser's eyes flickered to his face as his hands started picking up the dishes from lunch. "I still have a lot of work to do."

Ray practically hopped from foot to foot as Fraser took the plates to the sink. "You're doing this just to piss me off!"

There was the barest hint of a smile on Fraser's face, a tiny raise of an eyebrow, and Ray realised that, yeah, Fraser really was toying with him.

"That is so not on." Ray stepped forward and punctuated every word with an insistent nudge. "There's nothing wrong with bending the rules for comfort's sake."

"Has it ever occurred to you that I'm more comfortable in the Uniform?" Fraser asked archly, but Ray could tell now that it was all a ruse, he was teasing Ray and had been getting away with it ridiculously well, because sometimes Ray just accepted that Fraser didn't always know the lay of the land.

"Not when I know how you look out of it," Ray said, and smiled, couldn't help but smile as Fraser's eyes darkened. Fraser started advancing on Ray, making him step back. He maneuvered him into the middle of the kitchen.

One hand worked on his buckle, as the other undid buttons and Ray watched as Fraser methodically divested himself of brown leather. Fraser swept the lanyard off and onto the table, then took the tunic off completely, leaving him with a shirt, suspenders, pumpkin pants and boots.

"You wanna have some help?" Ray asked, but Fraser shook his head and raised a warning hand.

He slowly, carefully, took off his shirt - a shirt that was clinging to his skin, so it was true, Fraser had been boiling up in the suit all day. Ray's tongue glided against his lower lip as an expanse of skin came into view. Fraser's shoulders and neckline around the top of his vest looked oh-so-lickable.

Ray choked off a whimper as Fraser stepped out of the boots and pants, knowing he wasn't showing the same level of self-restraint Fraser always managed, because he'd already gotten half-hard.

Fraser was just in his boxers and vest, now. The bottom of his boxers clung to his thighs. Ray couldn't help but stare. Fraser beckoned for Ray to come closer and he did exactly as asked, because, no, he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to be next to Fraser just to score points in their fun but ultimately useless little game.

Ray bit his lip as Fraser leaned in and put his mouth by Ray's ear. "Is this what you wanted, Ray?"

"Not quite," Ray said back and was amazed that he sounded relatively in control. "No, Fraser, someone needs to teach you about, uh, appropriate attire during hot spring days." He placed his hand on Fraser's waist and skimmed his fingers up under the material. "First of all, this has to go too. When the temperature is high, it's perfectly acceptable to go around without any kind of shirt, or vest, or jacket, or whatever on." He grabbed hold of the hem and started pulling up. Fraser lifted his arms up and the vest made it onto the floor.

Ray stopped himself from licking a broad stripe over Fraser's chest just in time. He swallowed thickly, avoiding looking in Fraser's eyes, because he really didn't want to come just from eye contact, and he felt like it was a distinct possibility.

"Next, these boxers are, um, unnecessary."

Fraser sounded amused. "Really?"

"Really. What's underwear between friends?"

"A distraction," Fraser said, and yeah, he was grinning now, Ray could hear it in his voice. He could only hear it and not see it because his eyes were fixated on Fraser's cock as he dragged his boxers down around his ankles.

"Totally," Ray agreed. He was settled on his knees, fingers curving around Fraser's legs. Fraser's muscles tensed as Ray leaned forward and licked a line up the side of his cock. His lower body kind of stuttered as Ray took him into his mouth.

Ray knew what he was doing, now, and he was completely at ease. He hollowed out his cheeks and licked the head of Fraser's cock, alternating between sucking and blowing. He looked up and could see Fraser's knuckles whitening as he held onto the edge of the table.

He pulled off. Fraser's mouth opened in an 'o' and he frowned. He was blushing brightly, sweat trickling down his nose. Ray stood and smirked.

"It's about time I joined you, don'tcha think?"

Compared to Fraser's stripping, Ray won the speed race. He was fully-clothed to naked in twenty seconds, and sure, it helped that he'd been wearing a T-shirt and jeans and that was it.

Fraser's eyes widened as Ray's cock sprang free from his jeans.

"We need protection and lubrication," Fraser said matter-of-factly.

Ray nodded, bending back down and rifling in his pocket. "Way ahead of you, buddy."

"Ray, you're actually prepared," Fraser said, faking surprise and Ray would have said something equally insulting back, but he preferred to sexually torment instead. He wrapped his hand around Fraser's cock and pumped twice. Then he placed his hands on the table.

"I'm not the only one good at preparation," he said over his shoulder.

Fraser didn't say anything. Ray felt him tight against his back, fingers slick as they skimmed down the cleft of his ass. Fraser started working him open and Ray widened his legs.

"You're very devious," Ray said.

"Oh, I'm the devious one?"

Fraser's fingers started scissoring and Ray bent closer to the table. "In the best kind of way," Ray amended. He rethought it. "In a stupid kind of way. Turnbull was outside all day, we could've been doing this hours ago."

One of Fraser's hands came to rest by Ray's hips and his breath was hot against the back of his neck. Ray could feel Fraser getting into position, and then Fraser was there, hot and thick, inching in. Ray tried to widen his legs even further, fingers scrabbling along the tabletop.

"We could have," Fraser answered, and Ray didn't remember what he was answering until the next words. "But sometimes, it's better to withstand great hardship before reaping the reward."

Ray grinned as Fraser drew out and then surged back in. "Do you ever listen to yourself, Fraser?"

Fraser pulled and then pushed forward with more force. "Considerably more than you do."

Ray readied himself for the next thrust, loving the slickness of Fraser's skin against his, the heat coiling through his body.

"I like you when you're spiky."

"That explains a lot."

Fraser snaked his hand over Ray's body and towards his cock and began stroking with precise, smooth movements. He stroked in counterpoint to his thrusts, which were increasing in pace. Ray's heart thundered in his ribcage, his legs weakening at the knees.

"I hear we're in a heatwave," Ray managed, though his voice was considerably lower, huskier.

"Mmm," Fraser returned.

"So I guess, tomorrow, when you're on duty, you'll be looking kinda different. You know, sane, like the rest of us. Less layers, short sleeves."

Fraser's hand tightened around Ray's cock. "I doubt that very much, Ray." He sped up, twisting his hand to the left, teasing the head. His other hand left Ray's hip to fondle his balls. He wasn't thrusting now, just steady, perfect inside Ray.

Ray's balls tightened, his mind cleared, and he came with a cut-off cry. Fraser resumed pulling out and pushing in, obviously enjoying the muscles spasming around his cock, as he made low, indecently rich sounds of contentment.

Fraser stilled and Ray knew he was coming, fairly sure it was blowing his brains out, because Fraser was completely silent. He slumped down, his body heavy, and Ray would have protested, but didn't have any breath left.

When they finally managed to move and get cleaned up, Fraser pulled Ray forward and kissed him.

"There is a good reason you won't see me wearing short sleeves on duty tomorrow," he said.

Ray twisted his lips together and dragged a hand through his hair. "Is it a reason other than you being the most stubborn person I've ever met?"

"I'm not on duty tomorrow," Fraser said brightly. "I think we should go to the pool."

Tags: due south, rated nc-17, slash, writing

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  • Too cool for school...

    I'm back at school! Things aren't the smoothest they could be. We've had a major technological meltdown which is causing several of my colleagues…

  • A life update...

    Under the cut I recount something that happened today. Something that I think shows who I've been, how I'm growing, and how things currently stand.…

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