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Matthew and Ashley talk LoM and A2A

How important is the authenticity of the world where the characters live? Ashley said it was very important. “It’s accurate but it’s not documentary accurate. It’s all in someone’s head.”

Way to give the game away, Ash. He did this with Life on Mars too. At the time, I'd thought he was just saying that, but, no.

I love how Matt's all, "there will be grand mysteries!" And Ash is all, "yeah, it's all in someone's head."

[Notice he didn't say Alex's head.]

[Discussion of character's home lives.] But they don’t have one, because they’re in someone’s imagination.” Matthew then interrupted and got a big laugh when he said: “Or are they?”

Yes, Matthew. They are. Yours. And Julie's, Mark's, Mick's and Ashley's.

I’d describe [Bone Kickers] as a cross between CSI and the Da Vinci Code each week

Up until he said that, it was sounding like my kind of show.

I need to get over my Dan Brown hatred, don't I? (No. No, everyone else should hate Dan Brown.)

For one of the first times, Matthew's talking about writing in a way I completely agree with. He's admitting he can't top himself! Yay. YAY! This is encouraging stuff. (Totally contradictory with his other "LET ME SHOW YOU MY MYSTERIES, MY MYSTERIES, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM" proclamations. But, still, encouraging.)

Ashley:‘Are we doing the right thing? Is this going to be a show we’re proud of?’” Matthew: “And I said, ‘No, we’re not doing the right thing, it’s Boxing Day and we’re working.’

HAHAHAHAHA. Poor babies.

“Tony Jordan wrote an episode of the first series of Life On Mars where he showed a young Sam Tyler going to a football match. And I thought it was wrong, and I still think it was wrong – we had all those sort of arguments about it. But you have give up some stuff.”

Really? But 1.05 is excellent. And it reinforces both 1.06 and 1.08. Because this is what Sam lost. He lost going to the football with Vic. He lost being able to love football the way he always thought he should. And we get to see that before it even makes any real, concrete sense to us. It gives us that sense of progression that was obviously unintentional.

How about 2.04, eh? I'd love to have a talk about how wrong that was, (in the context of the series, because it was truly brilliant television out of it and God, I love Ashley's characterisation), because it doesn't fit.

Hey, they've noticed the tonal problems of Ashes to Ashes. This is also encouraging!

I really do find them incredibly endearing in the worst way.

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