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Doctor Who 4.01

I hadn't realised there were psychotropic drugs on my toast, but there must have been, because that was insane.

I liked it, it was quite cute.

I was shocked by seeing Rose at the end, mostly because I don't bother with spoilers for DW, and although there's a fair portion of DW fans on my friendslist, I skillfully avoided what I imagine were frequent mentions.

Next week, there's Phil Davis - \o/ He never stops working, that one.

Doc Martin 3.03.

I am so in love with Martin, it's not funny. He's like a modern-day Rochester and Darcy, only several times more socially inept. He's so grumpy! And stern! And what can I say, I find him incredibly endearing. He even, kind of, makes me go a little weak at the knees, like I'd want him to wrap me up in a hug, even though I know he never would, or if he did, would feel remarkably uncomfortable.

The best thing is that his love interest Louisa is a) a teacher, b) down to earth c) doesn't take any crap from Martin and yet obviously also finds him endearing, and d) is gorgeous in a realistic way - she's not glamourous, but she's very attractive. They're just really great together and I've totally fallen into going "eee, get together. get together now. now. now. now. with the kissing. now!" Which I'm not usually like, so, heh...

As with Kingdom, it's like my ultimate warm fuzzies show. It's not sickly sweet, the characters are flawed and engaging, the setting is stunning to look at, and it's very well written.

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