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This is ground control to Major Tom...

Watching and liveblogging... (I love you, pause button.)

Okay. So I'm going to say this first.

One of the many reasons I really don't love A2A nearly as much as LoM is the way it's shot. LoM was so fucking beautiful in every way. It was cinematic, with perfect lighting, interesting shot composition, great framing, amazing angles. It was visually stunning all the time. The computer generated special effects (and yes, there were some), were so seamless. A2A really isn't like this at all. It's cheap-looking. The only things shot remotely well are the numerous car chases. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware this is deliberate - it's mimicking 80s television. And, okay, maybe in the end I'm one of few people who really give a damn about this consciously - but I bet there are a lot of people who have noticed without really noticing, and are finding it's affecting their judgement of the show too.

Second: actually this episode was only written by Mick Ford, so IMDb lied to me (what else is new?)

Wonder who's in bed with Alex? (It's Gene.)

Alex is not dressing in a Flashdance inspired top for a change. It is probably something to do with the cold.


Why have they decided Chris is an impressionist this series? I don't hate it. It actually amuses me greatly. But why?! Ray's expression in response is the best thing ever. (I love you, Ray! The fuck?) Ray and Chris are just great. I remember saying really early on, well before we knew Gene was in it, that what I wanted from A2A was a Ray and Chris buddy cop show. And we kind of get that, in the background, which is wonderful.

"Passive smoking kills"/"well, we'll jiggle about a bit, okay? just wind the window up." My love of puns loves this exchange like burning.

I still say they missed a trick not having Gene call Alex boy's names. "Bolly Knickers" is alright, but just not quite good enough.

Gene's called him Christopher again. What is with that? In LoM they never said what Chris' full name was. Nor in the companion books. But get to A2A and it's Christopher here, Christopher there.


Haha. Rhyming slang.

Awwww. Gene's feeling all old. Funny how he doesn't look any older.

Ray's lack of logic is... amusing. But Shaz's come-back is brilliant, and she's trying to protect Chris and Ray's friendship. Awww!

As much as I like Keeley and do think she's a good actress, she just can't cry on screen like John Simm can. Then again, the only other actor I've ever seen manage it is Ben Browder. Sam crying in Life on Mars was always so poignant - not because it was a bloke, but because it was so believable. When Sam cried, I often felt like crying. And he did it enough that it could have got seriously annoying (it annoyed John), but it never was annoying, for me.

Gene's sketch is interesting. It says something at the top. I could read 'Mark'. I'm pretty sure that's Alex.


That dialogue is just really not good. "Make my car smell nice again", the hell?

Viv, however, for the fucking win.

I am finally going to say it. Ray is ridiculously gay for Chris. There. Said it.

This crying scene is actually much better. Go Keeley.

Wow. She's been there three months already and still doesn't feel like a part of the team. That's a bit worrying.

Gene gave Alex his coat. That's sweet.

Hee. I wrote this. The whole "Gene doesn't delegate" thing. I wrote it in This I Know To Be True.

Chris has a sibling?

This kid isn't a terrible actor.


Kid wants breadsticks? HAHAHAHA. What self respecting kid wants bread sticks?

AHAH. THE SKETCH WAS NOT SO RANDOM AFTER ALL. I like that kind of plotting so very, very much. It would have been so much better if that sketch had been of Sam. I'm sorry, but it would.


That's a really stupid plot reveal. Kids do mishear words, it's true. But no 8 year old would think "Chaz" is "cheers".

... so Alex now thinks this actually is real? That explains why she's become less annoying. BUT THERE IS THE RUBIK'S CUBE. AHAH. MAJOR PLOT POINT. Of course, easily explained away by Alex being an unreliable narrator.

Okay, so, when Chaz looked at his wife and said 'why?', how come you didn't make that connection, Alex, you dipshit?

Oh shut the fuck up, screaming won't get you anywhere.

Ahh, I was waiting for another "Gene Hunt is a Godlike legend" scene. Jesus. Why yes, I do still hate slow motion with a passion. This is so over the top, it's on the bottom again. Damn.

I have absolutely no idea what Gene just said then, before "don't you dare". Oh. On third listen, it's something about "dreamt about doing this". Y HALLO THAR, LACK OF SUBTLETY.

You know, I really suck, but I wouldn't dislike this nearly as much if it were a Sam/Gene scene. I try really, really hard not to turn this into Sam/Gene versus Gene/Alex, but I fear I must confess, the OTP I now apparently have prejudices me terribly. I mean --- I loved Gene/The Missus. I loved Sam/Annie. And yet this, this I can't get on board.

"And you saved me" = BLEUGH. BLEUGH BLEUGH BLEUGH. (Yes, I have totally written that too. Oh man.)

"Yeah, I think it's called concussion." UNDERCUTTING FOR THE FUCKING WIN. SEE. SEE? WHY NOT DO THAT MORE OFTEN? Almost, but not totally, redeemed.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. CHRIS. That joke could have failed dismally if it weren't for one Marshall Lancaster, absolute star.

Well, that was a plot point I would have laid down to add more mystery, but fine, explain it away with Evan if you want to.

Shock, horror, it was Gene. And such an attractive shot. Hahaha.

Well, this is disappointing. This episode wasn't nearly as great as others had led me to believe. This is why I should just stop with the expectations already. I want to love this show, I really really do. And what makes it worse is that I love so many things in it. But as a whole? It was an okay episode. Stupid plot resolve, with Gene as deus ex machina and ridiculous grandeur that just fucks. me. off. It wasn't unbearable. It wasn't "I could die of squee."

Next week we have Matthew MacFadyen (yay!) Another 'Christopher'. And, by the looks of things, more melodrama.
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