Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Fan service...

Okay, so. SO. The danger of Life on Mars fandom being so connected to the powers that be resulted in all sorts of not cool things. Like, er, trying to please everyone and forgetting about the essential story. BUT the cool part was how TPTB read fans being total goofballs and wanting to hear Dean Andrews sing in the series. Dean did sing the Fairy Liquid song on LoM. But now he's singing in A2A, and this makes me INCREDIBLY HAPPY. But, also, apparently Phil is going to sing? Which? HAHAHAHAHA. I SO LOOK FORWARD TO THIS.

I'm going to go watch Ashes to Ashes. I've heard good things about this week's episode and I hope I agree.
Tags: a2a, fandom, life on mars

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