Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I am easily entertained...

Russell Tovey in the second series of Annually Retentive is just wonderful. I have a massive grin on my face right now. ♥

This may be a huge crush. Oh man, I didn't need another crush on an actor.

Also, I noticed this in Tristram Shandy - A Cock and Bull Story, and The Big Fat Quiz, but Rob Brydon isn't at all afraid to appear as if he's a giant twat. And not as a character, but as himself. I'm sure he's not nearly as obnoxious as his persona. No one could be as obnoxious as his persona. But, to be fair, he's not the only one.

Annually Retentive is a meta show - all based around Brydon's fictitious panel show 'Annually Retentive' and what goes on behind the scenes. Mostly, everyone comes off looking like complete and utter jerks and it feeds into stereotypes about celebrity and the entertainment industry, but you get the distinct feeling that there are good reasons for that. But the thing is, I find the parts we get to see of the actual panel show really quite amusing - that dastardly love of panel shows I have. And it's a playful sort of parody/homage, since Brydon's been on enough panel shows to be exceedingly hypocritical to be knocking them completely.

In that same vein, I really want to see Moving Wallpaper, which is also a meta show, based on what goes on behind the scenes of soap opera Echo Beach. It's created by none other than Tony Jordan and I've wanted to see that concept explored for a really long time for something other than a talk show or current affairs program.

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