Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Sleepless, long nights...

1. Chiwitel Ejiofor won the Best Actor Olivier award for Othello! YAY! Okay, so, ideally, it would have been John Simm for Elling. But, it was Chiwitel and this makes me so happy, because he is an amazing actor. I was fascinated by Chiwitel in that episode of Canterbury Tales he and John were in together ("The Knight's Tale"). And Serenity. And Kinky Boots. I think he's absolutely marvellous and deserves many, many accolades.

It's not that I don't like Ian McKellen or Patrick Stewart either, it's just that you expect them to win everything. And I don't know Mark Rylance, so I probably wouldn't have commented at all had he got it (he's won tonnes of stage awards, though.) It was amazing John was even nominated, really, since it was his first stage role in years.

I'm still really sad I never got to see Elling. I try not to be, but I am. It sounds like the kind of thing I would go mad for, even without the added bonus of John Simm. (And I could still watch the film, of course, but that just makes me feel even more sad.) I did a really good job of not constantly complaining about it at the time, so I'm going to feel no guilt at having a whinge here.


There. All done.

2. The first episode of Island at War is remarkably boring. My attention span is much better these days and I'm still nodding off. Lack of Philip has terrible consequences. I usually never fast forward, but it's awfully tempting. Now I know where many of those negative comments about the miniseries were coming from. At this stage it's a little too "oh, those horrid Jerries" for my liking. I'm hoping there will be more depth.

Oh. German aeroplanes just started blowing stuff up. Perhaps I should keep watching after all. Incidentally, Joanne Froggatt, who played Sam's mum in Life on Mars is also in this. (But if we started playing the "spot the actors" game, we could be here for months. The British television and film industry = incest.)

And, at 58 minutes in, we have achieved Phil. As a Nazi. I did know this going in, but it's still a point of interest. His hair's been lightened. He is, actually, quite terrifying. And yet I'm fairly sure I read he's far more sympathetic than other Nazi portrayals. His largely non-German accent is amusing me even as his seeming charms are making me highly uncomfortable. "So. Somewhere to stay. Which is your very best hotel?"

... ?!

3. I have work tomorrow. I could really do with another day or two. Or three. Or the entire week.

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