Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

My independence is a shadow... hold me!

And in a stunning example of 'Loz should not be left to her own devices', I think I've given myself food poisoning. Or at the very least, something not very nice. It started with a pack of chicken portions at the Store. And me going, "mmm, doesn't look very appetising. Kind of like it may have already defrosted and frozen again. But I really want some chicken. And there is no other way to get any. I'll buy it anyway."

I roast it. I eat it. I spend the whole night in grips of stomach attack. I get to see the all hallowed 'carrot chunks' (I haven't had carrot for two weeks.)

This morning I get myself ready and go into school, only to be promptly told I look like death. "It's Friday", I say. "If I can just get through today, I can die tomorrow." So I go supervise sports and find myself retching, dizzy, and all in all, not a happy little bunny.

It's safest to go home, so I do, crawl onto bed, fall asleep, and awake 4 hours later. I don't feel any better.

I was trying to save my sick days up for when I get the almighty lurgy, dammit.

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