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A thing of useless beauty...

My thoughts on the A2A spoilers, of course. If negativity offends or annoys you, take a step away.

This, my friends, is called lazy writing.

You know, when we say things like 'fandom does it better' - we're not being totally facetious. Fandom at least tries to justify, to comply with canon, or to admit that no - we're not going to. We stick labels on our work, 'this is what this is about'. We're honest in what we're offering. We don't fuck with our audience, we don't patronise our audience - we know our audience. We are our audience.

And yeah, knowing what I know of Matt and Ash, this is all going to be explained away by "post-modernism", "alternative narratives", "Alex's imagination". Well, good. Good for you. Write something illogical and unoriginal in the name of 'entertainment', destroy the last vestiges of elegance and poignancy in your one great text. It's all about the money, right? It's all about the ratings - SEX - SPEED - SELL SELL SELL.

Because it would take time and thought to actually make A2A fit logically, yeah? To explain and set up? To come up with something clever. It would take some careful planning, a good idea of the themes you want to cover. It would take relying upon the intelligence of your viewers. And you can't do that. That's dangerous territory. People are in it for SEX - SPEED - SMARTS! Nothing more.

Just because you write a television show, doesn't mean you have to write crap. I had thought these boys knew that, but clearly there was even more overestimation of their abilities and intentions than I'd anticipated from the end of LoM. Great dialogue and decent characterisation are fine and dandy, but in a stupid vehicle, they're rendered null and void. And something tells me the Audi Quattro isn't the only stupid vehicle involved in A2A.
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