Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

And I am nothing of a builder...

You may have noticed I have poor impulse control. It's probably just as well I'm not addicted to any drugs. (Well, caffeine, but that doesn't count!) I wonder if there are any programs I can get into.

"Hi, my name's Loz. I have an addiction. Let me tell you about it. Writing Life on Mars fan fiction - the worst crack around. It incorporates time travel, coma, and insanity. I could give you a free sample. It's perfectly harmless. Except when it's not."

Every time I feel particularly judgemental towards people who become fixated on things, single-minded, or otherwise disturbingly obsessive, this is what I remember. What it feels like to be writing another fic - the way everything else blends into the scenery and smears out of focus - until my concentration is distilled into a pinpoint and all I've ever wanted is those words on the screen, scrawled on paper, or dancing across my eyes like electric flashes.

And I may never be a brilliant writer, or the writer I want to be, not even of Life on Mars fan fiction, but the feeling makes up for that somehow. Simple minds and simple pleasures. This is my drug of choice.
Tags: this may be a sickness

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