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A real good time...

I did this last year and loved it, so:

Take the first sentence (or two/three) from the first story posted of each month of 2007. That's your fic year in review.

I only did this by fics I posted directly to this journal, because, to be honest, I have no idea when flashfics were done and I cannot be bothered checking.

January 2
Annie’s so soft and warm, her red lips parted. She wraps her legs around him and lets him fondle her breasts and --- God, this is… yeah… uh, what was he doing?
Goodnight, Sweetheart [Life on Mars, Sam/Annie/Gene, NC-17]

February 12
Sam rocked back in his chair, tapping his pen onto his desk in a steady rhythm. Gene wandered into the room, gazing at him with a nonchalant air. He stood watching Sam for a minute.
Poor Diddums [Life on Mars, Gen, G]

March 1
The next morning, Sam leaned over the desk with a slightly crazed expression. Gene’s eyes flicked quickly to the office door and then back to Sam.

“You want to what?”
The Space Between, Part 3 [Life on Mars, Gen, PG]

April 2
The one time Gene comes into Sam’s flat without breaking the door down, he instantly regrets it. The reel-to-reel is working, blasting out some noise - enough to make Gene wonder how Sam’s neighbours put up with him. Sam’s lying on his cot, the sheets and his pyjama bottoms kicked down around his ankles, his vest riding high, allowing pale skin to glisten in the early morning light filtering through the window.
Tangible/Intangible [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, NC-17]

May 10
1. Biscuits go a long way.

It sounds completely ridiculous - and Angel would tell you that you were being ridiculous if you said it to him - but a plate of biscuits was almost as good as incontrovertible proof when it came to solving crime.
5 things Nicholas Angel never knew about police work (until he did...) [Hot Fuzz, Gen, G]

June 24
'and they all go marching'

Sam’s shoulder crunched into the wall with a sickening crack. “Watch it, boys, he’s got a shooter.”

Chris nodded furiously. “And she’s got a stabber.”

“A stabber?” Sam asked, incredulous look on his face.
Put Away Childish Things, Part 1 [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, NC-17]

July 2
Sam put his satchel down and slid into the kitchen. He grasped a banana from the bowl and began peeling it, licking the corner of his lips.

“You’re here early,” Gene’s voice called from the living room.
You. Me. This Jerk. [Life on Mars, Gen, PG]

August 16
“Are you sure about this?” Sam asks, pressing his fingers gently into Gene’s forearm as Gene kisses his neck. He doesn’t want Gene to stop, but he does want an answer.
Never Expected, Always Wanted [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, NC-17]

September 9
They don’t suspect him, never would, he wouldn’t even suspect himself and he knows. Eat a little, talk a little, throw up to throw them off the scent.
Waste Not, Want Not [Life on Mars, Gen, PG]

October 1
“Remind me again why we didn’t grab your gun before running out of there?” Sam says, his heels clattering against the pavement. He’s looking over his shoulder at Gene, who’s lagging behind.

“Oh, I don’t know, Gladys, could it have possibly been that big green gooey thing floating in mid-air? Nah, that’d’ve done nowt,” Gene retorts, huffing and glowering all at once.
Excerpt from 'The Day Manchester Stood Stupid' [Life on Mars, Gen, PG]

November 5
Tests. It’s always tests. Examinations.
Everything in its Right Place, Part 2 [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, NC-17]

December 16
The first time Gene touched him in a way that didn't signal threat, Sam hardly noticed, although it sparked something in the back of his mind. It seemed natural, comfortable, an arm slung around his shoulder and Gene breathing heavily by his side.
Tactile [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, PG]

My favourite story this year (of my own): This is going to sound bad, but I have quite a lot of them. No Sweeping Exits or Offstage Lines [LoM, Sam/Gene, PG-13] turned out so much better than I ever anticipated. I kind of adore it in the worst way.

My best story this year: Palimpsest [LoM, Gen, NC-17.] I wish everything I wrote worked out as well as Palimpsest did.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: None of my work is underappreciated.

Most fun story: Brace Yourself (Here Comes the Blade) [LoM, Sam/Gene, PG-13] or The One with the Thing [Hot Fuzz/LoM, Sam/Gene, Nick/Danny, PG-13.] Both of these are intended as goofy fun.

Most sexy story: A Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven [LoM, Sam/Gene, NC-17.] I wrote quite a large body of PWP this year. This from the girl who once proclaimed she'd never be able to write sex. But of all the PWP pieces, I think this is the sexiest. Feel free to contradict.

Hardest story to write: To Know One's Worth [LoM/Miss Marple, Gen, PG.] Oh, man. This is a prime example of my trouble with writing stories. And this wasn't even meant to be serious in any way.

In total: I am really pleased by how much my writing has improved during the year. Yes, I am still struggling with narrative, but I really think some of my short pieces are not totally awful. This fills me with hope.

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