Loz (lozenger8) wrote,


Look, I can play along too.

The [spoilery!] pictures for A2A amuse me greatly. Dean Andrews is such a shiny gold star.

There is going to be absolutely nothing subtle about this show, is there? I guess that makes sense for something set in the 80s. But just --- even simply looking at the construction of a couple of those shots, it's all RARGH RARGH RARGH. Which is okay, it's fine. It'll be different, which is what I want. I can and do like things that are over the top.

In conclusion; I was being wanky over the use of 'finally', but I do not have a hate-on for the show, since, as I have said time and again - I don't trust these writers' intentions, but I think they write great, if flawed, stories, with great, if flawed, characters.

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