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Dexter penultimate episode and finale spoilers.

Best. television. show. ever.

DOAKES. Loved him, man. I really, really did. Dexter's conversations with him were just a wonder to behold. But the explosion and the way it happened and then Dexter ended up avenging his death, actually seeming to feel remorse for the man. AWESOME STUFF. Doakes, I will miss you in your crazy obsessed way.

Lila is dead! YAY. By the end there, I have to admit, I was not up on the liking Jaime Murray in the show. Thing is, I have never, ever seen what people see as attractive in her. I think she's quite ugly, actually. Striking, maybe, but not aesthetically pleasing. I think she's a capable actress and I really like her in Hustle, but her expressions, or lackthereof, annoy me. She has the same jaw thing Keira Knightley has that sets me off. But mostly it was just that Lila was a whore who needed to be put down. (I never use that language, but it is wholly appropriate.)

The mirroring of the credits was fucking class. Clever and irreverant and set the cheeky tone of that whole section. For a show about a serial killer, it's amazing how cute and warm fuzzy-ish it can be. Dexter being with Rita and the kids makes me happy.

I spent the entire two hours gripping the edge of my seat. I felt claustrophobic when Dex felt calm. I screamed when things were going to go kablooey. I was so shocked. Normally, a tv show would leave that for the end scene, you know? It's the money shot. And you'd be forced to wait over however long it took to find out what happened next. But Dexter shirks convention in the best way - to better serve the story. It made much more sense for this ending to parallel last series' ending, and so it did. And the last episode, despite having that occur so early, still managed to be full of tension and surprise.

I'm sad about Deb and Lundy. I ended up really enjoying them together. And Deb has totally come into her own with proper character progression. From the Deb we meet in the first episode of the show - whiny, neurotic, dressed like a hooker (undercover, of course) --- she's grown into this kickarse, confident, compassionate character who rocks my socks off. I love her. Her scene with LaGuerta made my heart do a little flip. And Lundy, in the end, I was so glad they didn't turn him into another arsehole.

Angel! His hug? Awwwww. And how Dex said if he could be anyone, he'd be Angel --- yes! YES!

I never thought I could be this impressed with a television show again. But this, this is television as literature. And it still has a shock a week. Actually, usually, it's more like ten shocks a week. Lovely lines, wonderful observations, fantastic acting, beautifully shot --- it's all quality. It also manages gratuitous violence and sex! It's amazing. Properly amazing.

And now it's gone for another year.


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