Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Call me cynical...

Heroes 2.11

Usually incest wigs me out, but Nathan and Peter are so clearly meant to be together. That stuff is blatant. The long, soul-searching gazes. The hands on shoulders. The STARING AT HIS MOUTH. The "I really missed you"/"I missed you too." The hug. Oh my God, I haven't seen anything that obvious on television before. There is nothing brotherly about them.

I still maintain that Nathan is by no means dead, by the way. If they were going to kill him, why not do it last series? It's just --- you didn't expect it to happen again, because they've already done it, but look how many times they've almost killed Claire. Hell, even HRG. It's as simple as a syringe and that's what will happen, because they could easily have found another motivator for Peter to help Adam and that's really the largest function Nathan had this series. That and being angsty, and looking hot, and having a very bad fake beard. But mostly with the hot.

Why, yes, I do have a degree in film and television studies and I think the gaze is female.

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