Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Sunset and evening star...

Cranford, episode three.

I spent over half of this week's episode sobbing, and not because of the severe lack of Glenister, although I shall admit this vexed me. It's amazing how something so sweet and warm can also be so heartbreaking. I so wanted Miss Matty to have a chance of happiness, even though I was fairly sure it wasn't to be.

Cranford is simply excellent. I love that it's comprised of stories I'm unfamiliar with. I love that it's beautifully shot and finely acted. But, as I said, I love that it moves me. I spend a great proportion squeaking, sobbing, commenting (to myself - which is just as well, because it would nark anyone else off.)

I confess I'm hoping there will be more Glenister next week. I can't help it. One shot of him in that coat and I am swooning. But as to what his character did this week? Oh, Mr Carter. I want to have all your self-educated, well-dressed babies. Really.


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