Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I'm alive (apparently)...

Recommendations fortnight is over and I have to admit, I'm kind of glad. Remind me next time I get such a 'brilliant' idea how tedious hand-coding is. Like, really. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and made it a success, you have no idea how much my little geeky heart filled with joy every time I saw a new rec comment.

Also, double thanks to everyone who recced my writing. By the fourth day, my brain was seeping out my ears, it had got so large. I kind of completely underestimated how much you guys liked my stuff (what, like the comments aren't self-evident, 'eck'n'ell.)

Onto non-fandom news - if there's one thing the latter part of 2007 is going to remembered for apart from being my first paid teaching appointment, it's how sick I've managed to get every single month. About halfway through the afternoon I started to get dizzy, nauseous and headachey. Also, I've started watching the very formulaic but still entertaining House M.D and have concluded I have vasculitis, lupus and/or leprosy. See, they seem like simple symptoms, but who knows. I am, of course, being thoroughly facetious.
Tags: fandom, life on mars, teaching

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