Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Best. thing. ever.

Cranford episode 2 has Phil being all GRUFF and SOPPY-STERN and BENEVOLENT and FATHERLY. And I am like this; OH MY GOD.

Just. Yes. This is reminding me, powerfully, of how I came under his spell in the first place, all those years ago. It's almost terrifying the power with which I am attracted to him. And never before have I been more glad that I now know other people who totally get it. It was quite depressing, before, thinking I was one of five people in the world outside the British entertainment industry who ever knew his name.

Also, the darker hair colour is actually rather becoming and it's quite long and it curls and his eyes look green and oh my yes, I still maintain that he is pretty, despite what logic dictates. And the costume, holy fuck. So hot. Shameless fangirling ahoy.
Tags: fandom

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